About the Club

“The exotic driving experience.” SupercarRoadTrips.com is a private exotic car club in the NorthEast region. Still in its initiation phase, we are accepting new members. We meet for day trips that consist of social activities and rallys.

SupercarRoadTrips.com organizes several events between May and September. We use our passion for exotic cars to promote positive causes and often raise money for local charities. Membership is free yet a great privilege. 100% of all money generated at events go to local charities

Join the fun. If you’re an Exotic car owner in the North East region of the US, if you enjoy taking your exotic out for a ride, and you like to help local charities, click here to apply for membership to this unique club.

Meet Our Team

Our Capabilities

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Safety Commitment

  • 1Extensive Safety Culture Development
    • Safety Consultant Training
    • Leadership Development
  • 2Employee Personal Safety
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  • 3Comprehensive safety and Technical Training
    • Hands-On Training / Evaluation Programs
    • Computer Based Training Modules
    • Qualified 10hr – 30hr Instructors
    • In-House Technical Certification Programs
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Our Markets

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