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Emmanouel G. Christodoulou Emmanouel G. Christodoulou, born in 1876, arrived in the US first in 1893 and then on June 29th, 1902 as Manuel Krestodulo. He became a US citizen on June 26th, 1909. Since he fought for the Americans in the Spanish-American War, his children could claim US citizenship. Panteleimon ('Imon', b. 1923), George (1925-1999), Michael (1927-1951) and Anthony (b. 1932) all chose to do so. They eventually changed their name to match the Greek more closely, but the new form, Christodulou, still kept a mark of the old in the penultimate syllable, '-ulou', often still confusing those who try to understand the etymology ('slave of christ' from 'christos' + 'doulos'). Athanasia (b. 1929) and Amersoula ('Soula', b. 1935) stayed in Greece as did their mother, Anna (1902-2001).
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This much we knew when we began work on this project. Through this site, we hope to locate this kernel of information in a larger network geneologically, historically and sociologically: Christodulou is just one branch within our family tree. Our goal is that the members of this network will come together not just on the screen, but also off it. Through an increased awareness of our family, we may better understand ourselves and our island, Skyros, and hopefully create a worldwide family net.
On May 23rd 2004 Artemis Christodulou was involved in a severe car accident in Sierra Leone, Africa which left her in a coma. She is currently being treated at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital in Boston, MA, however she is in a minimally responsive state.        read more
Archbishop Desmond Tutu endorses Artemis' work: "The National Vision for Sierra Leone."                       read more
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